This site, at our Members’ Home Page, contains the Family Court Act 1997 (WA) and all data and documentation from the website of the Family Court of Western Australia, including WA procedure, forms, fees and some precedents. Our members also receive live links to all practice and other notices published by the Family Court of Western Australia as soon as they issue.

At our Members’ Home Page, our members may click below for live links to any of the following:

  • Family Law Act 1975.
  • Family Law Rules 2004.
  • Family Law Regulations 1984.
  • Family Court Act 1997 (WA).
  • Family Court Rules 1998 (WA).
  • Family Court Regulations 1998 (WA).
  • Case Management Guidelines (WA) from 7 May 2012
  • Court news and media releases.
  • Family Court of WA home page.
  • About the Family Court of WA.
  • Counselling and family consultancy, Family Court of WA.
  • Resolving your dispute, Family Court of WA.
  • Kits, forms, brochures, Family Court of WA.
  • Miscellaneous WA precedents in Word – Minute for Application for Consent Orders (WA) and minute of consent orders (WA).
  • e-services, Family Court of WA.
  • Court fees, Family Court of WA effective 1 December 2010.
  • Court list, Family Court of WA.
  • Adoptions – approval of WA adoption applications.
  • Surrogacy – applications under the Surrogacy Act 2008 (WA).
  • Judgments of the Family Court of WA.
  • WA legal resources.
  • Missing persons WA.
  • Frequently asked questions, Family Court of WA.