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If properly handled, any title page of your research is a confident step to the highest classes and successful results. This part of the record contains the necessary information about the work, for example:

  • theme of the study;
  • Author (+ co-authors, if any);
  • educational institution;
  • year of presentation
  • As you can see, the cover sheet reflects your work in some way. In addition, it is correctly formatted, it gives the reader an understanding of how responsible you approached the preparation of your assignment. In addition, people generally tried the book (and research paper) by its cover!

    So, we’ve come to the main question of how to properly write the title page for the study? First, any research work typically uses two basic formats: APA and MLA. These formats may seem very similar, but each has sufficiently important unique requirements that must be strictly observed. The format that will be implemented in your written form depends on your professor’s requests. Therefore, it is better and safer that you are experienced in all structures of the format in order to be sure!

    APA: Step by Step

    The improved cover sheet is not as unattainable as it may seem. You will receive on the winning side if you follow our simple instructions on how to prepare the ideal cover page for the study. The AUV format is usually made up of the following parts:

  • Personal information
  • The name of your research work should be written in the center of the page, about halfway down. You should write a full title (section) of your research. Try making it interesting and interesting for your future audience. Use the read and recommended Times New Roman, 12pt. Then part of the \”personal information\”, which consists of the full name, school and date, when you are going to submit your written information. All this information should be written at the bottom of the page and placed in its center. In addition, some special requirements may be met, such as a reference to your tutor or paper level (in your case study), and you must first check out your professor

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    A head is a header that should be used on every page of your record. Here you should formulate a short version of the main name (up to 50 characters) and align it to the left. When working with a page number, be aware that it should be separated from the running head and all the paper on the right side of the page

    An example page of the APA Example You May Follow page

    Starting head: KATRINA ‘ S ECONOMIC IMPACT (+ page number on the right side of the page)

    Title: The economic effect of Hurricane Katrina: a study of long-term effects (center alignment)

    Personal information (center alignment): John Smith

    University of Michigan

    The MLA format instructions

    If you are dealing with humanitarian or liberal arts in your research, you are likely to work in the Modern Language Association format. Usually a cover sheet is not required in the MLA format because you can find all the points on the first page. But there are some cases where a research tutor may ask you to make a separate cover sheet. We therefore recommend that you follow our simple and useful instructions on how to create a cover sheet for the study: the MLA format. The title of this cover page is as follows:

  • Name of the research work
  • Your name (author)
  • Class or course
  • The name of the supervisor
  • Date of submission
  • Let’ s discuss some features for each of these components

  • You should use the Times New Roman font, 12pt in your entire research record
  • Your title should be written one third from the page. Each word must begin with a capital letter, except for some very short words and positions (and, for, etc.). Do not use the punctuation in the header if you do not refer to a quotation. If you are using the name of a work of art, then
  • Before recording the full name, ensure that 2 to 3 lines were missing after the header
  • Skip 2-3 lines down. You can also include the course or class number if you want to write a course or class
  • Note the correct name of your tutor. Depends on their degree
  • A date in MLA format is usually written in European style. Specify the research document \”in relation to\” the date
  • Sample page for MLA cover pages

    Name: Causes of bipolar order in the male teen

    Your name (2-3 lines down): Michael Williams

    Your judge (2-3 lines down): Psychology 1213

    Research Instructor: Dr. Rod Jones

    Due date: May 17, 2018

    As you can see, the MLA and APA cover pages are completely different, although they have common points. Be careful when preparing the cover page for your research, and you will certainly get interesting results! Good luck!